CoIrrHeSim project, n°ANR-11-BS09-006

Co-influence of Irradiation and Helium gas on swelling of pressurized-water nuclear reactor materials components: experimental and numerical Simulations

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Coordination : CSNSM, joined research unit (UMR8609) of Université Paris-Sud and CNRS/IN2P3, Orsay, France

Partners : EDF R&D Les Renardières, Moret sur Loing, France ; CEA/DEN/DMN/SRMP, Saclay, France ; UMET, joined research unit (UMR8207) of CNRS, USTL and ENSCL.


Duration : 1st October 2011 - 30th June 2015

Funding : Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR - French National Research Agency), and all partners

Contact : Franck Fortuna or Aurélie Gentils

News: An article entilted 'Material matters' has been published in the popular scientific European journal International Innovation (issue 145, July 2014).


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CSNSM web site , joined research unit of and CNRS web site

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UMET web site , joined research unit of CNRS web site and University of Lille 1 web site and ENSCL web site